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Embarking on a musical journey over the past 15 years, composer Timothy Schmalz has gracefully navigated the realms of concert and media music. Originating in the world of media composition, Schmalz found early success, contributing to an array of projects spanning commercials, documentaries, and feature films.

In collaboration with esteemed figures like Heitor Pereira, Tom Holkenbourg, and Blake Neely, Schmalz humbly lent his talents to productions such as "Supergirl," "Playmobil," and "Smallfoot," playing a part in the creation of resonant sonic tapestries.

Currently transitioning toward concert composition, Schmalz approaches this new chapter with a commitment to crafting timeless and sophisticated musical pieces, seamlessly blending classical conventions with contemporary nuances.

In the pursuit of honing his craft, Schmalz had the privilege of participating in the ASCAP workshop, a transformative experience culminating in a 64-piece orchestral recording at Fox Studios. Under the guidance of renowned orchestrators Conrad Pope and William Ross, Schmalz gained invaluable insights that continue to shape his musical endeavors.

Drawing inspiration from a global palette, Schmalz has worked with musicians from the London Philharmonia, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Hollywood Studio Symphony, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and many others. His recording journey spans iconic studios in Los Angeles, Nashville, Abbey Road in London, AIR in London, Budapest, Macedonia, and beyond.

As Schmalz continues to shape musical landscapes, the fusion of his rich media music background with an evolving concert portfolio reflects a genuine dedication to making a lasting impact on the broader musical landscape.

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