Tim Schmalz (pronounced “Shmalts”) is a composer for visual media and concert hall. He was born in Boston, MA, grew up in Maryland, and eventually set out to Los Angeles to pursue composition for visual media and concert hall.

He has worked on several projects spanning from a-list feature films (assisting other composers in orchestration), major branded content pieces (Coachella artist documentary, Acura short film, presidential campaign promos, etc.) as well as being called to help finish some more intimate projects, like his late professor Robert Drasnin's (Former head of music at CBS studios, composer for Twilight Zone, Man From U.N.C.L.E.) unfinished album in overseeing production and orchestration.

Tim is always cultivating a network with upcoming creatives, and is very active in contributing as much music as he can toward a myriad of projects.


Tim studied primarily guitar at Berklee College of Music and film scoring at UCLA. Most of his composition skills are self-taught.

contact: timothyschmalzmusic@gmail.comphone:
(301) 706 0378

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